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Giant Danio

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Giant Danio 

Common name: Giant danio

Scientific name: Devario aqeuipinnatus

Distribution: India and Nepal

Habitat: Fast flowing hillstreams

Temperature: 70 - 78°F

pH: 6.0 – 8.5


Adult size: 5 inches

Diet: Unfussy omnivore that will readily take all sorts of dried, frozen, and live foods

Conspecifics: Active schooler that does best in large groups of at least 6-10, individuals may be nippy towards tankmates if numbers are too small.

Tankmates: Good dither fish for larger cichlid species as they generally keep to the upper levels. May bother slow or timid fish with trailing fins such as smaller gouramis.

Notes: Like its smaller cousins, Devario aequipinnatus is incredibly hardy and adaptable to a wide range of water conditions, although these fish do best in somewhat cooler waters (70-76°F) with a good amount of current. Strongly prioritize a long tank, since a school of Devario aequipinnatus demands considerable horizontal swimming space as the fish constantly race back and forth along the length of the aquarium.

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