Shipping Info


Aquarium Fish Depot (AFD) provides door to door delivery of fish throughout the United States. Shipments are sent out weekly. See shipping rates for your area below.  


U.S. Nationwide (All states excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Alabama, and Kansas):

 (Best) Saltwater & Freshwater Fish Orders Pay $59.99. Overnight Shipping. (Excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Alabama, and Kansas)

Coral Only Orders Pay $39.99 Shipping Anywhere in the USA (Excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Alabama, and Kansas)

(Good) Freshwater Only Fish Orders Pay $29.99 for 2 day delivery, this is a great way for our freshwater customers to save money on shipping please note this is the cheapest shipping option for freshwater fish orders. But it is always a better choice to ship your freshwater fish overnight. Otherwise, they may spend HOURS in a truck in blazing hot or freezing weather.

FREE Shipping Orders of $349 or more | Orders less than $349 shipping $59.99

What if I select the wrong shipping at checkout? Our staff is on it! Don’t worry we will send you an automated email if you accidentally selected the wrong shipping option at checkout with the up charge needed for your order to ship. Orders will be held until the difference is paid and if you wish to cancel your order with the increase shipping please visit our cancellation policies for details.

 A boxing and handling fee of $19.99 will be added to all orders.

Orders with large fish or coral or a large quantity of fish or coral may require additional boxing and/or shipping costs. You will be notified of any additional costs for your approval and payment prior to your order shipping.

Unless fish are listed on our website as "Male", "Female" "Pair", or "Trio", AFD does not guarantee the sex of the fish. If you have a preference, please include that information in the notes on your order and we will do our best to accommodate your request. 

Boxing and Handling

Aquarium Fish Depot includes a flat fee of $19.99 for each box of live fish packaged for shipping or pickup. Our boxing process ensures the highest quality packing including an insulated box, poly bags, heat/cold packs as needed, and our live-arrival guarantee. 

Extreme Weather Shipping

Please be aware of the weather conditions in your area when ordering. Daytime temperatures must be above 45° and below 100° in order to ship safely and offer live arrival guarantee. If you're unsure if shipping in your area is possible due to weather conditions, please reach out by emailing us at 

Live Arrival Guarantee

We treat every fish and live animal in our care as if it was our personal pet. We only ship healthy fish and therefore, we reserve the right to delay a shipment for any reason if we believe that it is in the fishes’ best interest.

Aquarium Fish Depot guarantees that all fish, corals, invertebrates, and live plants shipped will arrive alive upon arrival. Should an issue during shipping cause the loss of a fish, coral, invertebrate, or live plant, Aquarium Fish Depot will provide a credit toward future purchases for the cost of the item only. No credit nor reimbursement for shipping costs will be made. Death due to delays in shipping and acts of God are not covered by our DOA policy.

Claims for store credit must be submitted in writing to within 2 hours of arrival at the destination (customer’s designated shipping location). The claim must include at least 2 pictures or a short video of the deceased animal in an unopened bag packed and shipped by Aquarium Fish Depot.

Aquarium Fish Depot will not be responsible nor liable for any loss of animal or plant due to circumstances beyond our control including but not limited to weather, carrier delays, strikes, labor disputes, governmental actions, or acts of terrorism. Aquarium Fish Depot does not guarantee compatibility.

In-Store Guarantee

We offer a guarantee on all fish purchased in our store excluding expert-level* fish. Freshwater fish must be brought in within 7 days of purchase. Saltwater fish must be brought in within 48 hours of purchase. Provide the body of the fish, a water sample, and your receipt for a replacement or refund. Aquarium Fish Depot does not guarantee compatibility.

*Expert-level fish include but is not limited to: CopperBand Butterfly, Moorish Idol, Achilles Tang, Whitetail Bristletooth Tang, Mandarin Gobies, Ruby Red Dragonet, All Pufferfish, Bellus Angelfish, Regal Angelfish, Emperor Angelfish, All Tamarin Wrasse, Adult Red Coris Wrasse, Purple Queen Anthias, Princess Anthias, Blotched Anthias.


Store Credits will be applied to your account within 5 business days from receipt of a valid and accepted claim. Claims for a credit must be submitted in writing to within 2 hours of arrival at the destination (customer’s designated shipping location). The claim must include at least 2 pictures or a short video of the deceased fish or invertebrate in an unopened bag packed and shipped by Aquarium Fish Depot. Each claim will be reviewed on an individual case by case basis.

Fish Photos & Specific Fish Details 

Aquarium Fish Depots photos are typically of fully colored up adult fish, and although most juvenile fish that are wild caught will get the same coloration as the photos on the site that is not guaranteed as there are many factors that determine a fishes coloration such as but not limited to food, tank size, water quality, stress levels and much more. Aquarium Fish Depot also does not guarantee specific fish types unless listed in the title or description of the listing.


(Example: Regal Angelfish can be any of the 3 main types of regal angelfish being from Indonesia, Red Sea, Indian oceans. If labeled in the title or description Yellow Belly Regal Angelfish you can purchase with confidence knowing exactly what area your fish was collected from. If you ever have any questions or want only a specific type please be sure to call or email and confirm with our in warehouse team before placing the order as our team is quick to pack up your fish and get them safely delivered to your door ASAP!) 

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall Aquarium Fish Depot, LLC be liable to its customers or any third parties for any special, consequential, incidental, punitive, or indirect damages arising from or relating to the purchase and/or delivery of fish, corals, invertebrates, or aquarium supplies. In no event shall Aquarium Fish Depot, LLC be liable for more than the purchase price paid.