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Ghost Glass Catfish

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Ghost Glass Catfish

Name: Glass catfish

Scientific name: Kryptopterus vitreolus

Distribution: Rivers and streams, Trat Province in southeastern Thailand

Habitat: Slow-moving, soft and acidic water filled with tannins (blackwater) from decaying leaves. Streams are often weed-choked or filled with tree roots and fallen branches.

Temperature: 76 – 80°F

pH: 6.0 – 8.2


Adult size: 2-3 inches

Diet: Accepts flakes and pellets, prefers frozen or live invertebrates such as blackworms and brine shrimp

Conspecifics: Highly gregarious, must be kept in a school of at least 6-10

Tankmates: Peaceful with other small fish, avoid tankmates that are too aggressive or boisterous

Notes: Dim lighting, lots of cover, and large numbers can help comfort this timid species. Unlike most bottom-dwelling catfish, this highly social species will hover and dart around the middle levels in a tight, coordinated school. Glass catfish are very sensitive to poor water quality and do the best in established aquariums. When sickly or highly stressed, these fish will begin to develop a milky translucence.


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