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American Flagfish

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American Flagfish

Common name: Florida flagfish, American flagfish

Scientific name: Jordanella floridae

Distribution: Southern Florida in the United States

Habitat: Marshes, drainage ditches, and other shallow, weed-choked bodies of water

Temperature: 65 – 82°F

pH: 6.0 – 8.0


Adult size: 2.5 inches

Sexing: Mature males are much more colorful than females. Mature females will have a dark spot on the back of the dorsal fin that is absent in males

Diet: Unfussy omnivore that will readily take all sorts of dried, frozen, and live foods. A good portion of their diet consists of plant matter such as filamentous algae, which they will graze on in the aquarium.

Conspecifics: Males can be territorial with other males, but can be kept together as long as there is sufficient cover in the aquarium to break up lines of sight.

Tankmates: Peaceful with other community fish.

Notes: Jordanella floridae is considered an excellent algae eater because it will graze on filamentous algae such as hair algae or black beard algae in the aquarium. A U.S. native, this killifish is tolerant of both tropical and subtropical water conditions and makes a good pond fish in warmer regions, although it will have to be overwintered indoors when temperatures drop below 60°F.

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