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Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi - Dark Knight Ram

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Dark Knight Rams

Good water quality is paramount for keeping these dark knight rams!

Native to the Orinoco River basin, these fish migrate to the llanos, tropical grasslands that seasonally flood and become food-rich wetlands. Make sure to mimic this soft, acidic water in your aquarium. If the tap water is hard where you live, you can reach these conditions by using RO water or by adding driftwood and leaf litter into the tank, which will also leach beneficial tannins. Avoid large water changes, but frequent, small changes are important to keep the water quality high. Finally, rams like a very warm temperature range of 78-82 degrees.

The ram’s Latin name, Mikrogeophagus ramirezi, alludes to its feeding behavior in the wild. Geophagus means “earth eating,” and these bottom dwellers will swallow mouthfuls of substrate to sift out benthic invertebrates. Frozen and live foods will certainly appeal to any picky individuals!

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