Pygmy Chain Botia (Sidthimunki) 1.5-2"

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Pygmy Chain Botia (Sidthimunki) 1.5-2"

One of the smallest botiine loaches in the hobby, dwarf chain loaches only reach about 2 inches long! The botia family includes the popular clown loach and similarly-shaped loaches, and its members share a few common characteristics. All botiine loaches are highly social and must be kept in groups (we recommend six or more), and their aquarium should have high water quality and a bit of flow. Ambastaia sidthimunki are not as boisterous as some of their relatives, so they are a great addition to peaceful community aquariums. This species is endangered in its native Thailand, so individuals in the hobby are captive-bred in fish farms — a well-kept trade secret considering how hard it is to breed them at home!

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