Black Tiger Leaf Fish (Nandus)

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Black Tiger Leaf Fish (Nandus)

Patient, camouflaged ambush predators, tiger leaf fish really live up to their name! Nandus lurk among dense vegetation in sluggish streams and stagnant pools. It has an impressive appetite backed by an equally impressive gape—keep it away from any fish small enough to fit into its mouth. A visual predator, tiger leaf fish are particularly attracted to movement, so convincing them to take dried foods may be a challenge. Luckily, these leaf fish at AFD enjoy frozen bloodworms just as much as they enjoy live invertebrates.

As adults, tiger leaf fish are generally solitary hunters that can reach about 7-8 inches long. A fairly reclusive animal, they are unlikely to bother other tankmates provided the other fish are too large to eat. Leaf fish enjoy concealing themselves among aquatic plants: their laterally compressed (deep, flat sides) bodies are adapted to slip between tall, vertical vegetation in their weed-choked native environment.

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