Black Tiger Dario

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Black Tiger Dario (Badis)

Common name: Black Tiger Dario (Badis)

Scientific name: DARIO SP. “MYANMAR”

Distribution: Tributary systems in northern Myanmar

Habitat: Shallow, slow-moving streams and pools, often among dense vegetation

Temperature: 70 - 80°F

pH: 7.0 - 8.2


Adult size: 1 inch

Sexing: Adult males are much more brightly colored and have longer fins than adult females.

Diet: Frozen or live invertebrates such as brine shrimp, baby brine shrimp, bloodworms, and Daphnia. There are reports that these fish are prone to obesity, so it might be practical to feed meatier foods such as bloodworms and blackworms sparingly.

Conspecifics: Males are territorial and should not be kept together except in larger tanks. Small tanks can be stocked with a single male and several females.

Tankmates: Peaceful and retiring. Due to their small size and timid nature, avoid keeping them with larger or boisterous species that can outcompete them during feeding.

Notes: It is unclear whether black tiger badises are simply a color variation of Dario hysginon or a separate species altogether. Mixed groups can be kept in large tanks as long as there are objects such as driftwood, large rocks, and tall plants that break up lines of sight between rival males and split the tank apart into distinct visual zones.

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