Altolamprologus Calvus 'Congo Black'

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Altolamprologus Calvus 'Congo Black' 1-1.5"

Common name: Congo black calvus

Scientific name: Altolamprologus calvus

Distribution: Lake Tanganyika

Habitat: Jumbled, rocky shores

Temperature: 76 – 80°F

pH: 7.5 – 9.0


Adult size: 4 inches (females), 6 inches (males)

Sexing: Males reach a larger adult size than females

Diet: Enjoys frozen and live foods but will usually take dried foods.

Conspecifics: Does will in pairs or larger groups.

Tankmates: Similarly-sized cichlids or other fish with the same water chemistry requirements, very suitable for a Tanganyikan biotope. Avoid very aggressive tankmates (such as mbunas) and tankmates small enough to be eaten (such as small shelldwellers).

Notes: Altolamprologus calvus is a very slow grower that can take more than 2 years to reach sexual maturity. This species can be distinguished from the very similar A. compressiceps by a lack of scales on its head and a shallower body. It is recommended to keep Altolamprologus calvus over a dark substrate, as a light substrate tends to wash out their stunningly contrasting scales.

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