Natalie L. - San Diego, CA

Natalie L. - San Diego, CA

I want to share my 29 gallon angel fish tank. This is the biggest tank I’ve owned so far and I’m really proud of it! I have a koi angelfish and a gold marble angelfish, two gold rams, a school of rummy nosed tetras, some marble hatchet fish, a red lipstick goby, a dwarf Mexican crayfish, and a nerite snail. Everything including plants and substrate is from AFD except the angels and the tank/stand. 

My latest addition is the dwarf Mexican crayfish and I think he is my favorite because of his mighty personality despite his small size. I also love the goby, he has made himself a tunnel under the driftwood and pokes his head out to say hi.

I am looking forward to having a big African cichlid tank one day. Ron introduced me to the beautiful world of cichlids and now I am hooked. Before AFD I always thought of cichlids as the big mean oscars at Petco. My other favorite fish are ornamental goldfish and koi. Thank you AFD for all your help in making my angelfish tank amazing!


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