Kevin S - San Diego, CA

Kevin S - San Diego, CA

Kevin keeps a 185-gallon tank that features various fish such as:

5 Green Severum

2 Gold Severum

2 Peruvian Angelfish

3 Platinum Angelfish

5 Corydoras Sterbai

3 Pitcus Catfish

2 Sailfin Pleco

2 Black Ghost Knifefish

4 Electric Blue Acara

4 Keyhole Cichlid

3 Satanoperca Jurupari

3 Uaru Cichlid

2 Bolivian Ram

4 Red Head Tapajo

3 Geophagus Surinamensis

4 Serpse Tetra

10 Buenos Aires Tetra

"I have know Ron for over 30 years and he is the best in the industry." - Kevin

Thanks for sharing Michael!


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