Daniel D.

Daniel D.

First of all... I want to give a shout out to Ron. He always has great fish and is super knowledgeable.  I have learned a lot from him over my many years of fish keeping! My 120-gallon cichlid tank is set up with aquascape from AFD. (lace rock, plants, airstones, and all livestock.) I have approximately 40 + Haps, peacocks, and mbunas. Most of them are almost impossible to find at other shops. I also have a nice collection of plecos from AFD. ( para pleco, gold nugget, leopard frog pleco, king tiger pleco.) Also 2 synodontis petricola,  synodontis Angelicas and a rainbow shark. Out of all three of my fish projects, this is my favorite tank! I also have a reef tank and a Japanese koi pond. I'm looking forward to seeing AFD grow and can't wait to see what comes in next!


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Wow! I love it! What a beautiful tank!


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