Christian G.

Christian G.

About My Aquarium 

I have a 125-gallon acrylic tank sitting on top of a custom stand with a 30-gallon sump underneath. The sand was purchased at my local home improvement store, rocks were picked off at the beach and driftwood from another local fish keeper. PH level sits around 7.8ish and temp 76-78. Heaters, pumps, filters, and media are out of sight located inside the sump. I have 3 light bars, 2 are submersible in the back. My wet pets love swimming in every space in this tank. 

I now have 33 fish occupying all parts of the tank. Bottom; geophagus, clown loaches, Mbunas and 2 other peacocks. Mid swimmers; peacock, haps and silver dollars. Top; Severum and Plecos (Driftwood also on top). 

I understand some of these fish in the wild have different water parameters but they learn to adapt like new species discovered around the world! All temperaments are low to semi-aggressive so just a few chasing away but nothing major. All fins are good, eating well, and no territorial disputes because there’s barley no crevices to claim as theirs. I’m careful when I introduce new fish and always watching out for the trouble makers. 

About me 

I have kept fish as pets since high school and now my teenage son is starting to show interest. I started with bettas in a 10-gallon tank and had many different species as the years pass by. After my military career and being diagnosed with PTSD, my cichlids helps me relax at home as it gives me a Zen state of mind. 

As a kid, creativity and making things better or different was always a part of me, so over-thinking and research usually occupy my brain when creating my fish world. After many hours of reading, watching and listening I decided on these species which works out very well because I get to experience a type of aquarium that many people don’t see. I have also made friends that done the same, and are not afraid to mix it up as long as you do your research. 

In the future I would like to try other mixes and other breeds, maybe predators or exotic stingrays, but I’ll have to convince my fiancé to get another big fish tank haha. For now, I’ll enjoy my current water pets as they grow together.




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