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Shrimp Sulawesi Cardinal Caridina

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Shrimp Sulawesi Cardinal Caridina

Kept and cared for at our massive aquarium store in San Diego, California. Our shop is filled with over 750 aquariums and houses one of the largest collections of aquatic creatures including saltwater and freshwater fish, shrimp, invertebrates, mollusks, corals, anemones, and more. Explore a vast selection of beautiful, unique and rare fish and other aquatic life. 

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Shop our online aquarium store and get new aquatic pets delivered right to your door with shipping to nearly all U.S. states*.

*All states excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Alabama, and Kansas

For more information on our shipping options refer to our shipping info page for more details. Aquarium Fish Depot is proud to offer a Live Arrival Guarantee. We deliver an incredible aquatic experience and selection delivered right to your door with quick delivery using insulated & heated packaging to ensure safe arrival of your new pets. We guarantee it! We care for the fish in our care as if they were our own and will never ship a fish or any other creature if unsafe for the animal.