Marbled Goby 3"

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Marbled Goby 3-4"

Common name: Marbled goby

Scientific name: Oxyeleotris marmorata

Distribution: Widely distributed throughout Southeast Asia as well as Indonesia and the Philippines.

Habitat: Resides at the bottom of relatively still habitats including slow-moving rivers, swamps, and lakes.

Temperature: 76 – 82°F

pH: 6.0 – 8.2


Adult size: 2 feet

Diet: Ambush predator that will take a variety of frozen and live foods as well as meat-based pellets.

Conspecifics: Territorial with its own kind. Multiple individuals should only be kept in tanks with plenty of hiding spaces and very large footprints.

Tankmates: Best kept with other large fish as it will prey on any smaller tankmates. Can be territorial towards other bottom dwellers, so most suitable with large, inoffensive fish that swim higher in the water column.

Notes: Oxyeleotris marmoratus is one of the largest goby species in the world and should be housed in an appropriately-sized tank. As it is a mostly nocturnal species that spends much of its time half-buried in the substrate, it is most comfortable in a tank with a sandy substrate, many caves to hide in, and dim lighting.

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