Neetroplus nematopus 2"

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Hypsophrys (Neetroplus) Nematopus 2"

Common name: Neet, poor man’s tropheus

Scientific name: Neetroplus nematopus (sometimes Hypsophrys nematopus)

Distribution: Lakes and rivers in Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Habitat: Rock structures in clear, fast-flowing shallows

Temperature: 76 – 80°F

pH: 7.0 – 8.5


Adult size: 3 inches (females), 4.5 inches (males)

Sexing: Males are larger than females

Diet: Unfussy feeder, but bulk of diet should consist of vegetable matter such as spirulina-based flakes or pellets.

Conspecifics: Non-breeding individuals are simply aggressive towards conspecifics so should be kept in a large group to dilute aggression. Breeding pairs become vicious towards members of the same species and may kill them.

Tankmates: Somewhat larger cichlids and fast, robust schooling fish can withstand Neetroplus nematopus’s bouts of aggression.

Notes: Keep these fish in well-oxygenated conditions, as they are not particularly tolerant of stagnant water. Neetroplus nematopus is best kept as a single pair if you expect to breed them, as they become very territorial and aggressive during breeding, especially to conspecifics. A breeding pair can easily be identified as both male and female will undergo a drastic color change from grey with a black band to black with a white band.

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