About Ron Soucy

Ron Soucy, Owner of Aquarium Fish Depot

Owner of Aquarium Fish Depot, one of the largest open-to-the-public fish warehouses in San Diego, Southern California, and even the United States as a whole, Ron Soucy is a prominent member of the community built around the collection, breeding, and preservation of both common and rare African fish, South American fish, and many other fish species. Ron has extensive knowledge about what makes each one of his fish unique, what they need to stay lively and vibrant, and can often tell you the name of the all the tiny African lakes where his rarer breeds originate. In addition to his wealth of knowledge about these captivating and beautiful fish, he also shares a passion as a fish hobbyist that has culminated over the course of a lifetime working with fish.

It All Began with a Single Fish

Ron’s love for fish began all the way back in middle school, sometime in the late 60’s, when he received a simple Betta fish that sparked his fascination. A few short years and plenty more fish later, he got an apartment with an extra room after high school, and filled that room exclusively with fish tanks to begin breeding his own. This was the beginning to 20 years of working for other fish retailers, in which time his knowledge and expertise grew, and he found a place in a community of fish enthusiasts who shared his passion.

After that, he ran steadily larger and larger retail fish shops, building up his collection and selection, and establishing a place in the many communities of fish enthusiasts in both Southern California and the digital space. Ron and his team are excited to offer their largest location, supply, and selection to date with the massive warehouse space that is Aquarium Fish Depot in San Diego.

Every Fish Matters

Those who have seen the fish that Ron collects and breeds know to expect lively fish with brilliant colors, but having beautiful fish is more than just a sales tactic. As a hobbyist, Ron has taken great care to find the food, conditions, and overall care regiment to ensure the fish in his care are healthy and happy.

    “I’m not going to sell you a fish I wouldn’t buy myself”

Ron and his team have built elaborate filtration systems for the literal hundreds of tanks now occupying his warehouse, and take great care to ensure the fish tanks are cleaned and maintained to keep fish healthy. His fish grow strong and healthy under his careful watch, and you’ll find little to no trace of the underfed, lame, or damaged fish all too common in other fish shops. With the literal thousands of fish under our care, that’s no small feat.

Ron’s Personal Favorites

While an enthusiast for all types of African fish, South American fish, and all manner of tropical fish and other rare species, Ron has a special place in his heart for Plecos and Cichlids.

You can see just how much he likes his plecos by how many tanks have at least one or two plecos added in with the other fish, and just how large and beautiful his plecos can be. Among his favorites are the Titanic L273, Zebras L46, and Luteus Plecos.

Easily the boldest statement of his rare fish collection, in addition to being the centerpiece feature upon walking into the warehouse, are Ron’s many Cichlids. He shares his favoritism for the Moba Frontosa Cichlids with many members of our team, and also Tanganyikan Featherfins, Xenotilapia, Cyprichromis, and Enantiopus.

Come See Ron at Aquarium Fish Depot

Ron is here at Aquarium Fish Depot almost every day, and loves talking to other enthusiasts about his supply and selection of fish. If you’re in the area, check out our online selection and then come visit our shop to see them in person. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, get in touch with Ron, who will almost certainly be able to track down whatever fish you need for your collection.